Allegra (Fexofenadine) drug description

Allegra is a brand owned by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi. It is used to market the anti-allergy formulation based on Fexofenadine.
Fexofenadine is an antihistamine of the new generation that doesn’t cause sleepiness and other negative effects from the part of the central nervous system. It is used for various types of allergic reactions and is very popular all over the world, however, under different trade names. It means that if you want to buy Allegra cheaper, you should look for the medications with Fexofenadine but with other commercial names. You can find them online looking for generic Allegra or Fexofenadine. At online pharmacies that operate internationally, you can buy the medication without Rx and at the prices lower than at the regular drugstores. Check the website of to find the needed medication and get a free consultation of a doctor if you are not sure whether this medication is suitable for you.

When is Allegra used?

The medication is prescribed for the therapy of:
– Seasonal or year-round allergic rhinitis;
– Chronic idiopathic urticaria;
– Other types of allergies except for acute anaphylaxis.

How it is used?

One of the advantages of the medication is that it is taken once a day. In case of rhinitis and other allergies, the dosage is 120 mg a day. Urticaria is treated with 180 mg a day.
When is Allegra contraindicated to be used?

– Hypersensitivity to any component of the medication;
– Pregnancy and lactation period;
– Age under 12 years;

On top of that, you should buy generic Allegra and use it cautiously only if a doctor approves in:
– Chronic liver or kidneys failure;
– Age over 65 years;
– Cardiovascular diseases including the history of them as antihistamines can cause rapid heartbeat.

What are possible adverse effects?

Like any other medication, Allegra and its generics along with the positive effects can cause certain negative ones:
– Nausea;
– Vomiting;
– Weakness;
– Bloating;
– Upset stomach;
– Headache;
– Aggression, anxiety, irritability;
– Fever;
– Drowsiness.

The probability of these adverse effects development depends on your diseases and conditions as well as individual intolerance of the medication. Please consult a specialist if you have never used Allegra or Fexofenadine before, especially, if you also take any other medications when you get the antihistamine.